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Loralei's Hitchiking To The Yellow Moon


Roo is a beautiful, loving and energetic spayed bitch.  She did not pass a hip clearance for breeding, but she doesn't know that.   She is the most athletic dog we have! She loves chasing lizards and playing with our other Goldens in the yard.  Roo is quite affectionate and loves to lay in your lap and cuddle.  She thinks she's a small dog.   It is so hard to be a Breeder because you can not keep them all.  Roo should live a long active life with proper diet and exercise.  We would prefer a home with another dog as she has never been alone. She loves our cat and a pool is a plus.  If you are interested in learning more,  please text message me at: 727-408-0450

Must have a fenced yard.

Asking $2000.00 


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